Warm Dry Basements


In February 2010 we had a snowfall of 54″ in one week. Then, about a month later with most of that snow still on the ground, we had a 2″ of rain on an oddly warm day. The snow melted and there were 50 year floods throughout the region. The next summer Hurricane Irene dropped 12″ of rain and caused the type of flooding not seen in 200 years. That much water is a real test for a basement. The foundation water-proofing and drainage have to be able to perform when the ground is completely soaked and the rain keeps coming. Our basements stayed completely warm and dry.

“Once-in-a-lifetime” weather events are happening more frequently. Building has to account for these changes.

A good footer drain gives the water collecting about the house someplace to go. We used Certainteed’s Form-A-Drain system, a cost effective perimeter drain and radon system, to form the footers. Then crushed stone and filter fabric go around the footer allowing water in and keeping dirt out of the drain.

The basement walls were made with a vertical ICF system. ICF basements cost a little bit more initially but, if you plan to use your basement, will save a lot of money in reduced energy bills.