Thermally Modified Wood


We build with Thermally Modified Wood.

The holy grail of outdoor woods: rot-resistant, weather-resistant, insect-resistant, strong, and dimensionally stable. And to make the quest more challenging, let’s add beautiful, non-toxic, and sustainable. Impossible, you say? Take a look at thermally modified wood!

For almost any non-structural outdoor wood project TMW makes a lot of sense. For decks your choices are limited. Pressure treated wood is poisonous to bare feet and is not very attractive. South American Hard Woods such as Ipe and Garapa are costly and their harvesting may contribute to the de-forestation of old-growth tropical habitats. Trex and other composites are costly all have one problem or another.

From Wood Magazine: “In the thermal modification process wood is heated to 500 degrees fahrenheit without oxygen. This “bakes” the sugars in the wood, making it unpalatable to rot-inducing microbes and wood-munching insects. Components in the wood‚Äôs cell walls that normally absorb and release moisture become permanently water-insoluble during thermal modification. Robbed of ready moisture, the wood becomes not only less vulnerable to decay by biodegrading, but also more dimensionally stable and resistant to warping.”

  • 100% Wood
  • Made from hardwood grown in the USA
  • No rainforest destruction