Going Green: Return On Investment


“Going Green” is more than choosing trendy finishes. It’s about identifying needs, prioritizing available resources, becoming aware of the total lifecycle costs of materials/energy and making wise choices. Or, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The greenest thing one could do, of course, would be to adopt a Hunter-Gatherer lifestyle – a method of subsistence with a million year track record of success. However, for most of us in the Philadelphia metro region, it would be a difficult adjustment and not as comfortable as an energy efficient home. Recent advances in building technology are making homes more comfortable and cheaper to maintain than ever before. Smarter design and building decisions make your building dollar go farther.

Below is a link to the Green Tune-Up by greenandsave.com.

For the complete ROI tables and topic page with details on over 50 ways to SAVE Money and the Environment visit: Home Remodeling ROI.