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  • A Good Website

    A Good Website

    Green Building Advisor is a pretty good practical site for green building issues. Green Building Talk has a pretty good set of forums. There are lots of others.

  • Ask A Question

    Ask A Question

    I’ll try to answer. “How should I insulate my addition?”, “Should I buy a toilet at HomeDepot?”, “Why is my third floor cold?” etc. etc. Sometimes it’s best just to ask someone. [si-contact-form form=’1′]

  • Warm Dry Basements

    Warm Dry Basements

    In February 2010 we had a snowfall of 54″ in one week. Then, about a month later with most of that snow still on the ground, we had a 2″ of rain on an oddly warm day. The […]

  • The best slate in the world comes from Vermont. A pitched slate roof is one of longest lasting, stable, fire resistant, most attractive roofs you can get. Many custom homes suffer from a cheap looking asphalt tile roofing […]

  • We install plaster moldings! Traditional plaster moldings are amazing looking and more economical than one would think. Once you get into more ornate profiles plaster is the way to go. We have used moldings from the Monumental Plaster […]

  • Kingbig Inc. does not have an Architect but we know Architects and can give you a good recommendation depending on what you are looking for. For some smaller projects and projects in which the owner has a clear […]

  • Years ago energy and material were a lot less expensive than they are now. Then when people started insulating their homes a whole new set of practices had to be developed. Tighter building envelopes caused indoor air problems, […]

  • “Going Green” is more than choosing trendy finishes. It’s about identifying needs, prioritizing available resources, becoming aware of the total lifecycle costs of materials/energy and making wise choices. Or, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The greenest thing one could do, […]

  • SIP Construction

    SIP Construction

    KingBig Inc. builds with SIPs since 2005. Center City Philadelphia’s first SIP builder. From SIPA – Structural Insulated Panel Association SIPs ARE AN ENABLING TECHNOLOGY Structural insulated panels are a high performance panelized building system. SIPs create an […]

  • ICF Construction

    ICF Construction

    KingBig Inc. builds with ICFs. From Wikipedia: ICF structures are much more comfortable, quiet, and energy-efficient than those built with traditional construction methods. Minimal, if any, air leaks, which improves comfort and reduces heat loss compared to walls […]