Architectural & Visualization Services


Kingbig Inc. does not have an Architect but we know Architects and can give you a good recommendation depending on what you are looking for. For some smaller projects and projects in which the owner has a clear idea of the layout we offer in house drafting services.

We can go from a client sketch to a 3D sketchup model and then to a photoshop mockup. This provides clarity before material is purchased.

The image below is a sample of that process. The client wanted a porch railing that matched one seen at The Hameau de la Reine, part of the Ch√¢teau de Versailles. Knowing standard railing heights, we able to gain rough measurements through image overlays in Sketchup. Then a test was built and photoshopped into the original picture. After final client approval the rest of the spindles made and the railing was put in place.



In this next example we were given a simple sketch. It was then modeled in Sketchup and then built. Easy!






Here is an example of more standard architectural design and drafting we have done. Permit approved.